Bentley Suite


For Academic Use Only’

Please follow the following instructions to download and install the Bentley software.

  • If you already have an account with Bentley, please proceed with login by providing your email and password
  • For first-time visitors, click ‘Don’t have an account? Register Now’
  • Provide your details on the Create Your Account page and click ‘Create Account’
  • Once the Account is created, go to Bentley Education Portal and login with your credentials.
  • Update your Profile under the Dashboard section with the required fields
    • Please note that you need to be logged in and have an updated profile to access product download.
  • Fill out the details marked with an asterisk * and hit ‘Save’
  • Click on the Get Software section and choose the software you want to download
  • The page will redirect you to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • After accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you will land successfully on the Software downloads page
  • Please refer to the link below for the activation process of the software

How to activate products under Subscription Entitlement Service

In case of any questions feel free to check the FAQ page by clicking on the following link:

For your future question please Contact Bentley via Get Support from Bentley Education Portal. Please make sure you are logged in and have an updated profile for them to respond to you!